Why I Take Chlorella

Carol | Taipei, Taiwanwhy-i-take-chlorella-21168275.jpg

The reason why I started to take chlorella is because my friend told me the product is good and the price is reasonable. I decided to buy one pack just to try it out.

After a few days, I started to feel my body had become not so tired even though the night before my sleep quality wasn't so good. The lack of sleep didn't even affect my work the next day. That was really amazing.

I am a person who usually takes some kind of health food like vitamins etc. But, I found that the result I got from chlorella is far better than the health product that I am taking right now.

The constipation that I had which bothered me for a very long time has been improved!

These last few days the weather has become very cold.  I am the kind of person who is super afraid of the cold weather. Before, my hands and feet always felt cold. But now the amazing thing is my hands and feet are not like ice anymore. This made me feel really shocked. My blood circulation is not usually that good but it had a huge improvement from taking chlorella.

The results I got made me have more courage and confidence to introduce chlorella to my family. My father heard this and now he is also willing to try it. My father felt all of these things looked like medicine. Now he has changed his mind and started to take it because I shared my wins.

Right now my energy and physical level all got better!  All of you should try it too and experience it for yourselves.