What is Chlorella Powder?


Chlorella powder is good to use in drinks, salads, and smoothies. For some people the taste is a bit strong, but others like the green flavor of it. You can mix it with your favorite smoothie instead of water. Green banana smoothie, mmmmm! delicious.

By using this green powder you can get a large nutritional boost very fast. This is also great for fasting. If you like to do juice fasting then consider adding some powder to your juices. Not only will it supply you with beneficial nutrients, but it will also help with the cleansing and detox.

If you are trying to lose weight, then this powder can help take the edge off your cravings. It is around 65% complete protein that is over 80% digestible.

What does that mean?

It means if you want nutrition, you are going to get fast nutrition with Chlorella powder. This protein is very high quality and very easily absorbed by the body. Your body feels satisfied and so it is much easier to control your hunger. What many people do is buy tablets as well as the Chlorella powder. This way they can use the powder for their morning health drink and take tablets with them to the office to eat during the day.

It's actually better to spread your Chlorella out over the whole day so your body can have a chance to absorb all the nutrients. Much more effective than one dose a day.

So, bottom line is, use both the powder AND the tablets. It's a whole food and so can be taken in larger quantities. Take it instead of all your other vitamins. We also offer free worldwide shipping on all orders. Buy Chlorella from us and experience our high quality products and service.

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