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Helped With Asthma, Energy and Mood

Christine Vanlandingham | Memphis, TN

I have been battling with chronic inflammatory asthma and over toxification.  I am a chemist and have recently been exposed to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde and developed a horrible asthmatic sensitivity to ALL fragrances (shampoo, soaps, moisturizers)!!  

My life was debilitating because I couldn't even go to a meeting for fear of someone wearing cologne.  I have been using PCA-Rx to help detox but upon introduction of chlorella, the results have been amazing!  My energy is great, my mood is much calmer, my asthma feels almost gone.  

I have also started to adopt a more alkalizing diet so that's helping to balance out my body pH.  I am going to continue to take chlorella daily and will recommend this product to all friends and family!