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Chlorella is a Very Natural Supplement Food

Cynthia Lin | Taipei, Taiwanchlorella-is-a-very-natural-supplement-food-21174185.jpg

Chlorella is a very natural supplement food. I started taking it around 2 months ago and I totally fell in love with it.

After I took it for a while, I can feel the toxins being released from my body. I noticed that my body really needed this when I took it because we are in an environment full of different kind of unnatural ingredients and substances that are toxic for our body. After I took chlorella, I am aware there was some uncomfortable pain in my body that has disappeared.

The most surprising thing is to do with woman's period. I had this unbearable, serious period pain for a very long time and didn't have any idea there was anything that can help me with this. I tried taking EPO(Evening Primrose Oil), different kinds of special soups for woman's period pain and different kinds of Chinese medicine but still there was no improvement. No matter what I tried, the situation didn't have much improvement.

But an amazing thing just happend recently! At the beginning of the first month that I am taking chlorella, my period pain is already starting to reduce! I no longer have pain like before which was unbearable. Also, the length of time of feeling pain also shortened a lot, the pain won't last that long and affect my sleep my work next day. This kind of change helped me to not be afraid of facing my period! I am also more certain that I need to continue to take chlorella.

My skin condition has also improved a lot. I no longer get pimples as often. They can't last longer than 3 days before dying! ha ha~

The vitality of spirit has become a lot better at work. I eat better and also feel the ability of resistance to germs (immune system) is a lot better. I didn't get sick for quite a long time~

After I experienced all these interesting changes I expect more the longer I take it.I am really looking forward to it.