Chlorella Helps My Family

Enis | Istanbul, Turkey

Now, I (42 age) , my wife (36 age) and my daughter (6 age) have been using chlorella tablets for 1 year.
After starting to take 15 chlorella tablets each day, I have become  more sound against the ilnesses. When I get influence and other type of respiratory infections, I recover more rapidly than ever and I have only used medicine only 1 time in 1 year.  When I use chlorella, the fatigue I generally have disappears.
My wife was very fatigue. She generally feels drowsy in the evening time. After using chlorella, she has become more energetic and active.  We offered chlorella to my sister-in-law and one of our friends. They both got rid of fatigue and they have become energetic.
My daughter takes 4 chlorella tablets each day. She has never become fatigue even she was ill. She is very energetic and she has very good concentration when she deals with any kind of task. Moreover, her hair is now very shiny and very strong than it was. 
My father is diabetic. Because of that disease he had problem in heart and in eyes.I  gave him chorella five months ago. Now , he has been using 8 chlorella tablets each day. He will increase it to 12 tablets in April 2011. Now, he says he feels better in eyes and he feels himself better  than he was.