Chlorella Helped My Trigger Finger and More

Marsha H. | Harvest, Alabama

I started to take chlorella a couple years ago upon recommendation of a relative, just to improve my overall health. I do feel more energetic for sure. It aids in weight control as you don't feel hungry all the time. I have had less colds, less allergy attacks, and have just been generally healthier.

A surprise side effect was that it helped my trigger finger! This is an inflammation in the hand that causes the the fingers to stay locked in grip position when you squeeze your hand closed - very painful to open your hand again, too. I was only taking 1 gram/day, and it stopped locking all the time - apparently my body is lacking nutrients and this stops that inflammation tendency and keeps the fingers from locking. If I missed even one day, it would resume. So, I have gone up to 5 grams/day - if I miss a day it doesn't automatically resume - and I can use my hand again. If I have a lot of manual labor to do - I take it twice a day. I highly recommend it to others.

I have tried the same product from other sources, and the tablets were harder - harder to swallow - harder to digest - and thus didn't work as well. Your product works much better than what I can buy off the shelf.

Thank you. 

~have a nice day!