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Chlorella Health Benefits


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Chlorella Health Benefits: From Anti-Aging To Detoxing

Chlorella Health Benefits

Chlorella is a micro-algae and a super food, and chlorella health benefits range from detoxing to rejuvenating. This single-celled algae is full of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can boost your health and protect you from illness. Chlorella is also good for the digestion and for overall health and well-being, and it is even believed to have anti-aging properties. It is grown in filtered fresh water that makes the end product clean and safe to eat, and it is easy to take: it is available in tablets or as a powder you can add to foods and drinks. Many people take chlorella every day to stay healthy and well and to enjoy the wide range of chlorella health benefits.

Chlorella Health Benefits for Everyone

One of the best chlorella benefits for your health is the incredible amount of minerals, vitamins and other important nutrients it contains. Chlorella is packed with essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, many antioxidants and essential minerals such as iron. Chlorella is a whole food and it is easier to digest than many vitamin and mineral supplements, but it provides you with all the necessary nutrients you need. They are also absorbed into your body much faster than the vitamins and minerals in many commercial supplements.

This super food is high in protein and it can be a good source of protein for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to eat less meat and to get more protein from vegetarian sources. It can help to boost your iron levels and many vegans and vegetarians use it as a natural iron supplement. Chlorella also contains most of the B-group vitamins as well as vitamins C and E. The vitamin C combined with chlorella's natural zinc content helps to maintain a healthy immune system and to protect from illnesses including common colds and flus. If you are feeling low in energy or under the weather, chlorella's vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help to keep you healthy even during the cold and flu season and to give you energy and vitality during busy times. This immunity boosting ability is one of the main chlorella health benefits.

The chlorophyll in this whole food contains even more health benefits. The high chlorophyll content in chlorella is packed with healthy bacteria including lactobacillus and these can help to keep your digestive system healthy and make it function at its optimum level. Lactobacillus and other healthy bacteria are important for the digestive system because they boost the growth of beneficial bacteria in your digestion and help to balance the bacteria in your intestine and bowels. Many people today take probiotic supplements to keep their digestion healthy, but chlorella contains natural beneficial bacteria in an easily digestible form and can do the same trick. If you are suffering from constipation due to stress or an unhealthy diet, try taking chlorella every day to get your digestive system working as it should and to enjoy all the chlorella health benefits for your digestion.

Chlorella Health Benefits,  Anti-Aging and Detox

The health benefits of chlorella also include anti-aging properties. The antioxidants in chlorella fight free radicals, which can harm the body's cells and cause aging both inside the body and on the skin. It also has a normalizing and balancing effect on many body functions and these include blood sugar and blood pressure. Because chlorella also encourages the growth of healthy new cells in the body and the repair of cells and tissue, it is one of the best natural anti-aging health foods available. Together with its detoxifying effects and its nutrition content, anti-aging is one of chlorella's main health benefits that is getting more and more attention.

Chlorella Health Benefits: Heavy Metal Detox

Chlorella's health benefits are also used in detoxing and especially in heavy metal detox. The chlorophyll in chlorella has a unique detoxifying power that makes it a natural detox supplement. Chlorella can be safely taken even in large amounts, and because it is packed with minerals and vitamins, it is an ideal detox food that can be a part of any detox or weight loss program. Because it also contains healthy bacteria, it can keep the digestive system healthy and balanced during the detox. Chlorophyll is also the main ingredient that makes chlorella so effective for heavy metal detox and especially for removing mercury contamination from the body. Mercury ends up in the body from dental amalgam fillings and from fish that comes from contaminated waters, and it can cause many health problems from headaches and tiredness to serious medical conditions.

Other heavy metals that can lead to health problems and that are common in today's polluted world include arsenic, cadmium and lead. Chlorella can be used to remove all these toxins from the body and it is even more effective if it is used together with another micro-algae, spirulina. The chlorophyll in chlorella and spirulina helps to release the heavy metals from the cells into the bloodstream, and it then helps to remove them from the body through the normal elimination channels. The ability to remove toxic contamination from the body is one of the exciting properties that are being researched today. Of course you do not have to be ill to use chlorella. You can simply use the tablets or the powder as a daily health supplement or a health food to boost energy and vitality and to let your body and mind enjoy all the chlorella health benefits.


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