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Chlorella Growth Factor

Want to learn about all the extra wonderful benefits of what they call the “Green Gem of Asia?” Then you will want to know about Chlorella Growth Factor, or C.G.F, for short. CGF is derived from the hot water extract of Chlorella, and contains its true pearls. Found only in the cell’s nucleus, it is full of nucleic acids - the building blocks of RNA, and DNA, which play a crucial part in the functioning of the brain, intestines and the immune system, special carbohydrates in the form of high molecular polysaccharides, beta-glutens, manganese, substances resembling glutathione, phytohormone growth factors, and other precious water-soluble goodness like proteins, peptides, vitamins and minerals, and more! 

Should you just take CGF then and forget about Chlorella?  No! Both CGF and Chlorella supplement each other in synergistic fashion when taken together, and their effects are complementary. CGF contains more amino-peptides than Chlorella. It also contains a higher  density of toxin-absorbing substances and heavy metal binding proteins which are heat stable and can survive the extraction process fully undamaged. CGF contains up to five times the quantity of DNA and RNA as does Chlorella itself. However, unlike chlorella, CGF contains no chlorophyll, nor fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E. CGF’s concentration of water soluble vitamins is usually lower than whole chlorella. 

What to do? Take both!