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Chlorella Facts

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Chlorella Facts - What You Don't Know Won't Benefit You

We hope these Chlorella facts will help to inform you on the importance of adding this power-packed supplement into your diet. If you still have doubts after reading this, then please check out our reviews page on this site.

There are many potential benefits for including chlorella algae into your diet especially if you suffer from a number of conditions. According to WebMD, the list of medical applications that Chlorella addresses includes anti-aging protection, increasing immune system effectiveness, treating digestive disorders, detoxification, increased energy, premenstrual syndrome symptoms, skin conditions, asthma and fibromyalgia.

One of the chlorella facts that is very surprising is its high level of calcium and magnesium. It is hard to imagine that an algae contains more calcium than milk, and even includes the crucial mineral magnesium. Many people take a coral calcium supplement to supply these building blocks to good health, and chlorella algae offers so much more in addition.

Having a rich source of these alkalizing minerals is especially vital when your diet is high on acid-producing foods like animal proteins. And when it comes to diet, another one of the chlorella facts that is news to many is that it provides all eight essential amino acids and is a complete protein. And it includes every vitamin and mineral the body requires for good health as well as improving digestion by increasing the good bacteria in the intestines.

These are keys to its effectiveness in treating such conditions as colitis, ulcers, diverticulosis and Crohn's disease. The mental health benefits to including this green superfood as part of your diet include greater clarity, memory enhancement and stress reduction. Chlorella provides the DNA and RNA building blocks to repair nerve tissue both in the brain and throughout the body. And students who have researched chlorella as to its mental conditioning effects have increased their academic scores by 81% in just a few months after adding it to their diet.

Detoxification is probably the best known of the chlorella facts. No matter where you live, you have toxins accumulating and chlorella is an extremely effective anti-oxidant. Even heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead are expelled from the body after it is introduced to the diet. And those with liver ailments from smoking and drinking make use of the liver detoxification effects from chlorella to assist them in their healing.

This product is best taken in the form known as cracked cell chlorella. That is because the tough cellulose cell walls of the algae can prevent you from absorbing all the proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals content in the cell.

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