Some speculate that Chlorella may be one of the first, if not the first, link in the human food chain.  If that is true, then other forms of green plants could not have evolved without it. One reason Chlorella has been around for almost two billion years is because of its tough cell wall, which protects it from many different perils. 

Chlorella is a functional whole food - not a dietary supplement. Functional foods nourish the body as preventive protection from life’s bombardment of pollutants and chemicals disrupting our body’s balance, and they contribute to increased vitality and longevity. 

The countless benefits of chlorella range from A to Z - Antimutagenic capabilities (capable of reducing the frequency of mutation) to enZymatic potential. The four main ways Chlorella can improve our health are: 

  • Strengthens our immune system

  • Nourishes our body directly at the cellular level

  • Promoting healthy cellular growth and repair

As a magnificent whole superfood, Chlorella is truly one of nature’s precious gifts. 


chlorella fella

100% Pure Natural Taiwan Chlorella & Spirulina

  • 100% Pure and Natural Taiwan Grown
  • Clean, Filtered Mountain Spring Water Ponds
  • Patented Low-Pressure Flash Expansion Process
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP Food Safety Certified
  • Stringent SOP Quality Control Processes