Chlorella Tablet or Powder?

Posted by Chlorella Fella on 18th Aug 2020

Chlorella Tablet or Powder?

How To Buy Chlorella: Choosing Tablets Or Powder  

Chlorella is available in powder form or as tablets. If you want to take large amounts of chlorella, buy chlorella powder. The powder is easy to add to foods and drinks or turn into healthy smoothies. The powder is easy to digest and the body can absorb its nutrients fast, which means that it starts to work in your body almost immediately after you take it. If you find the flavor too strong or if you find it difficult to get used to it, start by adding the powder to smoothies and juices. Adding a little chlorella powder into a glass of fruit or vegetable juice makes the drink more nutritious, and because chlorella is high in protein, using the powder in a juice is an easy way to add protein to your diet every day. If you like the flavor you can simply add it to water and drink as a healthy detoxifying drink. Those who are taking chlorella for the first time can start by adding small amounts of the powder into foods, drinks and smoothies to get used to the flavor and to help the body get used to chlorella’s detoxifying and health-giving powers. If you like making your own healthy breakfast juices and smoothies, start to add chlorella powder to your daily diet to give you a morning energy boost.

Chlorella tablets can be more convenient than powder. You can easily take the tablets with you to work and take them throughout the day with your meals. The tablets come in a variety of sizes and they make it easy to include chlorella into your daily diet even when you are busy at work or at home.

Tablets are available in a number of different sizes - 1000mg, 500mg, 250mg and 200mg. The smaller sized tablets are much easier to swallow in higher numbers.

Combining Chlorella Powder and Tablets

Some people combine tablets and powder, using the powder when eating at home and the tablets when eating out. To make the most of the many chlorella health benefits it is recommended that you take it in either powder or tablet form several times a day. An easy way to do this is to add some chlorella powder to your breakfast or make a quick breakfast smoothie, and to keep a few tablets with you at work. When you buy chlorella, consider buying both powder and supplements to make the most of its health-giving properties.

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