What are Spirulina Pills Good For?

Posted by Chlorella Fella on 25th Sep 2020

What are Spirulina Pills Good For?

Spirulina pills, oftentimes also referred to as tablets, are good for a lot of things!  Ingesting pills or tablets is the easiest way to get all the nutritional goodness of the Spirulina plant. Spirulina also comes in powder form, which is good for smoothies and such - however Spirulina has a very strong and bold taste that sometimes makes it hard for some people to eat it in the powder form. That is where Spirulina pills shine. There is no taste when taking them in pill or tablet form. 

This blue-green algae is distinguished from other algae because it is part of the nuclear plants class. These plants' structure is considered on the border between plants and animals, closer to plants.  

Lacking the cell wall of plants, Spirulina is highly digestible The nucleus is not highly distinguished, similar in structure to some of the first living things on earth, from which all plants and animal life are descended. Not exactly the same structure, but close.  

Spirulina has been studied for a long time, and there has been much research done by Japanese doctors and researchers on it. Although Spirulina is a natural FOOD and not a drug, there have been medical type discoveries that have come from this research. 

Some of the research findings have shown promise for:

  • liver problems and cirrhosis
  • hepatitis
  • anemia
  • diabetes
  • pancreatitis
  • cataracts, glaucoma
  • ulcers
  • gastroenteric disorders
  • and more!

I'd say Spirulina pills are good for a lot!  

Spirulina - the world has been waiting billions of years to hear about your secrets!

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