Chlorella Weight Loss

Posted by Chlorella Fella on 18th Aug 2020

Chlorella Weight Loss

Will Chlorella help me to lose weight?

Well yes and no! Chlorella is a highly nutritious whole food. It is 65% complete protein and contains most nutrients needed by the human body for optimum health. So in this way, by supplying the body with everything it needs, as well as cell growth and repair factors, it may help stop the cravings for fat creating foods.

People who feel more satisfied with less food don't tend to overeat. This could also be contributed to the fact that chlorella taken with meals increases enzyme activity in the stomach by 4 times. This can help you get more nutrition from less food. It's quite an interesting phenomenon.

Chlorella is not an appetite suppressant like Hoodia or many of the medical weight loss supplements available. It doesn't turn off certain "must eat" mechanisms in the brain or any such nonsense. We all know that stuff doesn't work anyways. Well, at least not for long. The weight usually just stacks back on again.

“But I already have to take too many pills! I don’t want to have to add more as I try to feel better.”

Don’t stress about taking chlorella tablets during your morning routine. Try this instead. Fill up a small container with tablets and sit it on your desk while you work. Grab some clean water and every now and then, when you take a sip, take a tablet. It makes it seem very manageable. Also - as you are trying to eat healthier and restrict over-eating, ingesting the chlorella tablets throughout the day is like eating a tiny bit of food each time. It won’t fill you up like food will, but many find it helps to quell the excessive hunger.

We suggest including chlorella as a healthy part of your diet for the rest of your life. And instead of thinking in terms of quick fixes, have the goal of improving your health and well being for a lifetime :-) 

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