Chlorella Digestion

Posted by Chlorella Fella on 18th Aug 2020

Chlorella Digestion

How Does Chlorella Improve Digestion?

Chlorella can improve long term digestion problems that many are faced with. While it is not a probiotic, chlorella supports the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine while at the same time suppressing the troublemakers.

How does it improve digestion?

Chlorella contains several nutrients that make it a master at controlling digestive difficulties. It's high quality enzymes, fiber and high chlorophyll content enable it to clean out your system while multiplying friendly lactic bacteria in the gut by up to four times.

This improves digestion and the ability to absorb more nutrients into the bloodstream. The fiber moves through the intestines, stimulating it and strengthening it, oftentimes relieving chronic constipation. This fiber also binds to heavy metals including lead and mercury, as well as various other poisons found in the environment and escorts them safely out of the body.

The many different types of digestive enzymes in chlorella include chlorophyllase and pepsin. These enzymes eliminate many digestive problems that occur because of an imbalance in your system.

Let's not overlook chlorophyll and its part in digestive health. Chlorella has the highest amount of chlorophyll of any plant on the planet. 10 grams contains 3,700mg compared to broccoli (120mg) or spinach (130mg). These incredible green pigments protect the stomach wall, cleanse and deodorize the entire body as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

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