Chlorella and Workout Recovery

Posted by Chlorella Fella on 18th Aug 2020

Chlorella and Workout Recovery

Chlorella and Workout Recovery

Can Chlorella Help with Workout Recovery?

You may find that taking Chlorella before a workout can give you a noticeable boost in energy and stamina and rapid recovery. You may experience fewer sore muscles and not feel as worn out, making Chlorella an excellent workout recovery food.

This is possible because Chlorella is a highly digestible, complete protein. High quality broken cell Chlorella is over 80% digestible. This is fantastic for athletes and bodybuilders. Also important, Chlorella is approximately 60% protein. This is not just any old protein. It's a complete, pure plant based protein that has ALL the amino acids needed for excellent health. (The amino acid Lysine is a common deficiency for vegetarians and particularly vegans who don't eat a balanced, complete diet.)

It also has high amounts of the nucleic acids RNA & DNA. These help to repair and restore damaged cells. This is great for the body and slows aging too.

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