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At Chlorella Fella we are determined to get as many people using Chlorella as we can.

Finding Chlorella has been of great benefit to many people, including Phil, our founder and always the "Original Chlorella Fella." Chlorella is labeled "The Green Gem of the Orient." It most definitely shines bright among the many nutritionless foods being produced by food factories. 

Chlorella Fella is now based in the USA, doing business as Chlorella Fella, LLC, and we specialize in micro-algae health food products manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwan has been producing extremely high quality Chlorella and Spirulina for many years. They were one of the early pioneers for producing Chlorella in the world. Their quality is second to none. 

We're a small, family-run company that prides itself on our personal touch. We eliminate the middle man to give you exceptional products at a fair price. We see our customers as the most important part of our company. Our goal is for you to love our service, value, and products so much that you will come back again and again and tell your friends and family about us. We are always striving to serve you. 

With all the hype about Chlorella, we want to present the facts. Chlorella is a highly nutrutions food, not a drug or medicine. It has a remarkable effect on the body as you will see from the articles on this site.  

~to your health